Everything You Need to Know About Spring Cleaning

Can you believe it’s April?! We’ve already seen a few days where the sun has been shining bright and the weather has been warm enough to open a few windows. That makes us HAPPY! That also means it’s that time of year again for a good spring cleaning. Here’s four easy tips on how to do “Spring Cleaning” right this year. 





1. Clean Your Clutter

Everyone has seen or heard of the new Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” We all need to take a little page out of her book and tidy up our homes. Here’s a few easy ideas to help you do just that.

  • Put your Winter items away: Pack up your heavy jackets, hats & gloves, and snow boots and make room for your warmer weather attire. You can also sort through your drawers to see if there are any items that don’t fit anymore or that you don’t love. Pass those onto Goodwill and give someone else use out of them!
  • Pack up your outdoor Winter essentials:  Put all heavy items away in the garage, basement, or crawl space so you don’t have extra tools lying around such as snow blowers and shovels.
  • Brighten up your rooms: Pop in a few bright colored throw pillows, drapes or accent pieces to give your house a little pizazz.




2. Deep Clean Everything 

There are so many things you want to do when it comes to deep cleaning your home. You want to hit each room and get to the “hidden messes” that you try to avoid the rest of the year. Things such as:

  • Wiping your windows
  • Flipping your mattress
  • Dusting under everything
  • Scrubbing down your microwave and oven
  • Cleaning your lightbulbs
  • Scrubbing your toilets and tub
  • Emptying out and cleaning your entire fridge

These are often all of the tasks we, as humans, cringe at, but our team at Maiderella happens to be VERY good at all of these things. We would be happy to help you out!





3. Bring Spring Scents Inside

One of the best things about Spring is the smell when you walk outside on a fresh, crisp day! You can easily incorporate these into your home. Here’s how.

  • Buy fresh flowers
  • Add a few spring scented essential oils to a diffuser
  • Spritz some fabric freshener on your furniture
  • Keep your windows open




4. Keep Up With These Tips

We know spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but the more you keep up with your home, the less scary it will be the next year! Maiderella can cater to your schedule and help you keep your home clean. We have clients we visit weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even quarterly. You decide how much help you need and we’ll be there to take care of the rest!


Reach out to us today… we’re just a click away!


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