7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaner

If you think, that hiring a maid is a total luxury, the truth is: it’s kind of is! After all, someone else will be taking care of all of that housework you just don’t love or have time to do. But wait! This could be a luxury that you might be able to afford more easily than you thought! What is stopping you? Some people have quilt about hiring maid to come in to clean. You might think that you should be able to do on your own. But the truth is – that your maid is almost aways happy to have a job to clean your home!

So, here is the 7 great reasons to convince you, that you should hire a maid!

#1  A Professional Will Do a Better Job Than You

Too harsh? Sorry, but still…it’s probably true. Because while you might be an expert with a mop or dusting, the truth is, there are probably things you either don’t enjoy cleaning (so you put it off) or you just aren’t as good at (like dusting ceiling fans or vacuuming under the bed)

#2  A Maid Will Bring Her Own Supplies

Cleaning the entire house require many different cleaning products. A professional maid is using a only professional strength cleaning supplies to ensure quality of work. Trying to go green? There are plenty of cleaners using only chemical-free products.

#3  Dusting

Let’s review the things in your home, that need to be dusted: tops of tables,table legs, mirrors, art and picture frames, lamps, lamps shades, hanging light fixtures, windows sills, ceiling fans, blindes, the top of the refrigerator…exhausted just to reading this? Just think of second how exhausted it is ti actually do all of ahgt dusting.

#4  Knobs, Switches and Handels

Guess what has more germs than almost any other part of your house? Yup, that’s right. It’s all of the door knobs,cabinet handles and light switches. And let’s be honest…how often do you clean them with a disinfecting wipes? Probably not once a week, which is how often you are supposed to.

#5  What About Those Filthy Floors

Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping…seems like never enough! Once every one to two weeks your floors need a thorough cleaning in order to remove the everyday accumulation of dust and keep it from building up. Of course this is something you could do it yourself, but the point is…do you really want to?

#6  Time is Money

Yes, you can clean your home yourself, and you will even have time to do so, but a professional service will do it for you at an affordable rate. Which means instead of cleaning, you can be hanging out with your friends and family, reading a book or  whatever it is you’d rather be doing than spending your entire day mop and vacuum in hand.

#7  You’ll Appreciate Your Home in a New Way

Much like how the cooked meal tastes ten times better when someone else make it, a spotless home feels ten times better when someone else cleans it. Just keep your feet up and enjoy your sanctuary!

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