Say Yes to Norwex!

In this day in age, finding a cleaning solution that has the power to create a clean AND safe home while also saving the environment seems nearly impossible. But Maiderella has good news…we’ve found a solution! Norwex Microfiber is changing the way we clean.


Norwex microfiber is a specialty cloth that has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from any surface. You can use them in many different ways. Used dry for dusting, it creates static electricity that lifts the smallest particles of dust and dirt and prevents them from resettling on surfaces. And microfiber isn’t just for the small messes. You can clean any surface that would normally be cleaned with soap and water or chemical cleaners, including bathrooms, walls, windows, floors, vehicles, toys, tools, kitchen appliances and surfaces, outdoor furniture and much more!


Top Benefits of Using Norwex Microfiber

  1. Decreases the time you spend cleaning
  2. Reduces the use of cleaning products
  3. Reduces exposure to toxic fumes and harmful chemicals
  4. Reduces paper towel use and landfill contributions


“If you are not already using microfiber towels, you are cleaning too hard.”    Maiderella

Norwex isn’t just a cloth, either. There are so many products including items that make cleaning fun for the kids! For example, these adorable microfiber animal towels which allow children to wash and dry their hands while having fun!


For a complete list of all Norwex’s products check out and shop here!


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